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What Ways Can You Adopt to Aid in Transforming Climate Change to Add to the Initiative by the Climate Leadership Council

With the increasing temperatures in the world with extreme weather events, it is become more intense with the rising sea levels. There is a lot of pressure due to the prolonged drought which is limiting food and creating extinction for plant and animal species. Despite the growing nature of the climate, we can still take part in alleviating the burden.

The best part is that we are not alone. We can all take action as individuals, communities, organizations,Governments, NGOs and other faith groups. We should also show our love for earth and fight for it.

1. Conservative Use of Energy

We should work to ensure that we are at the top of per-capita energy consumer levels. This is through becoming energy efficient uses to ensure less pollution hence saving more money. The small changes should be considered to create a wide global impact. A large impact is therefore created when the small changes are added together. Know more about leadership at

Energy efficient light bulbs are another alternative for achieving this objective. Additionally, there should be installations of heat pumps in homes. This is because heat pumps works through extraction o heat from on location while transferring to another.

Switching off your TV, computer or any other electrical appliance can help a lot. Installation of programmable thermostats in home should also be used.

2. Using Renewable Energy

Clean and healthy energy is the best alternative for many people around the globe. An alternative for most people which impacts the environment and economy includes the benefit of the dropping costs of energy. There is a paradigm shift by the rest of the world towards renewable energy. Know about Climate Leadership Council here!

3. Sparking Climate Talks

The state of climate in the world has been discussed by a number of people across the world. Council meetings are being held with discussions and strategies for mediating the situation. The center stage for all the global conversations surround the topic of climate change. Know about Ted Halstead here!

Climate change is a major concern from developed to developing countries. Climate change is a matter that should be addressed quickly. There should be constant conversations with friends and family about climate change. There are different emotions which can be brought up by discussing climate change.

4. Green Commuting

The state of pollution experienced today us as a result of the high levels of carbon emissions from transportation. Harmful gases are being emitted to the atmosphere thus affecting the climate. Major impacts on our environment are caused majorly by the oil and gas industry.

There are many ways of reducing the transportation emissions. You can opt to ride a bike or take public transport.

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